February Thoughts

JT is still a heart throb. say what you will but I thought the halftime show was awesome. though I would not have complained if there was an n'sync reunion and I didn't quite get the bedsheet with Prince on it, I was loving old school JT. 

first haircuts are hard. on me, not Noah. Noah was a champ and giggled through his haircut but my mama heart was aching. it was a super needed haircut but that didn't make the realization of my little man growing up any easier. 
I am not so sure about this blog thing anymore. don't get me wrong, I love writing. I started out the year being so optimistic about writing again and when I am actively writing, I enjoy it but, I don't enjoy all the blogger drama. the blog world has become a total numbers game. bloggers that I used to think were my friends and that I would text with regularly pretty much ignore me now. everyone and their mother is now offering (insanely priced) grow your following or beat instagram courses. I have basically removed myself from most promotion type facebook groups and am currently just writing to write regardless of how many views/comments I receive. I don't hate that but I also don't know if blogging is just becoming outdated and I am kind of over it. do you guys see a change in the blogging community? 

february was a good month with a lot of changes for me. I am a big fan of change. I like the newness of things and the "chaos" until the dust settles. february challenged my heart and pushed me to reevaluate some things in my personal life as well as decide to prioritize what is truly important to me. I also took a chance on myself which I will be talking more about soon. all in all, for the shortest month, february really brought a lot to my life.