Highs of the Week

outdoor coffee dates it is all about every day magic. and this weather that we have been having lately is nothing short of gorgeous-though it is starting to warm up quick!

baby boot camp if you are a mama of a mini, mama to be, or mama of grown humans, baby boot camp is for you! you get an awesome work out and build a tight knit mamatribe. the best part is that it is a national franchise so I can almost guarantee there is one near you!

friendship this is in conjunction with my mama tribe but, having a good group of friends with similar beliefs and wishes makes life a little easier

loving with an open heart it brings lots of joy and bliss, I promise.

loud music and dance parties while cooking dinner. it has become a nightly tradition for noah and I to turn of spotify/pandora and jam while cooking. he usually sits in his highchair giggling at me-just don't cut or burn yourself!

what have your high points of this week been?