Lessons from January

that you should celebrate little victories. I think we are very good at celebrating big accomplishments and not so good at celebrating small, slow changes. some thing that I am proud that I can do now that I couldn't do even one month ago: 8 plank up-downs during baby boot camp because my arms are sore or I am out of breath. take the time to acknowledge to yourself that I've come a long way. 

common sense isn't necessarily common anymore. but have grace and be kind. it is a weekly occurrence that someone says something off hand about Noah looking nothing like me. such as "oh honey, I hope you keep his birth certificate on you or people will think you stole him" it is very easy to fill with rage and want to snap back but, these are moments that you should use to educate and have grace (and mutter nasty things under your breath) 

when you take the time to appreciate the little things, your life becomes so much richer. we have been taking in a lot more sights around our own city lately-places that I didn't even knew existed before we went.  it is funny how in the day to day, you pass by something as simple as a park and don't think twice but, when you take the time to explore, you may find a gorgeous hiking trail that is a dream to get lost on. 

a good mom tribe is everything. joining baby boot camp was one of the best decisions I made this month. I was a part of a few other mom groups and Noah and I went to a few other playdates and not all but some of the other moms were super catty and not very welcoming-it was a little discouraging. however, when I first met the majority of the bbcamp moms, they were so sweet and welcoming. the great part about this mom tribe is that we workout together so we are encouraging each other for 3 hours each week to keep going and pushing through it. then we also have fun playdates/moms night outs/etc. where we are able to bond on a different level. 

time literally flies by. especially once you have a baby. Noah is officially closer to being one year old vs. a newborn-totally hysterical over here. I am officially pinning first birthday ideas and my heart is breaking over and over. 

what has this month taught you?


  1. Oh I just love this! Celebrating the little victories is SO important. For me, I love celebrating the little things--it keeps me motivated. I put even the little things on to-do lists because I feel so accomplished when I get to cross it off. And also, people say things like that to you about Noah?! How crazy! You truly are full of grace if you deal with all of that! P.S. Noah is so cute!!

  2. GIRL!! I couldn't agree more that common sense just isn't a thing anymore *rolls eyes* I can't believe someone would say something so ignorant to you about Noah! These are beautiful lessons, though. Time truly does fly by, so enjoy every moment. <3 xx


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