10 Things You Probably Didn't Know...

1. I am insanely afraid of snakes. Not like, "Oh I think snakes are scary," but more like I get hot and clammy and anxious even talking about snakes. Whenever I'm walking on a trail, no matter how thinned out the brush is, every time I hear a noise (like, you know, the leaves rustling) my first thought is honestly always it's a snake and I'm going to die. 

I'm very rational. 

2. I write a gratitude and a to-do list every single day before getting out of bed. 

3. I hate window shopping. I don't mind going shopping and not finding anything, but I hate shopping without the intention or option of buying things. 

4. when I was 2 years old I almost died from pneumonia but my dad saved my life-literally. my attending doctor at the time gave my little body an adult dosage of a very powerful medicine. I overdosed and my dad was the one to pump my stomach. 

5. Loyalty is insanely important to me. If we're friends and you're arguing with someone and I know you're wrong, I will still stand beside you and back you up until the cows come home. When we're alone, I'll tell you that you're an idiot, but I'll always have your back. 

6. when I lay down at night, it takes me at least 3 hours to fully fall asleep because thoughts about everything from what will dinner be tomorrow? to what will noah be when he grows up? go through my head

7. My first memory is of going on a plane to Alaska with my dad. I don't remember the actual trip part, but I remember sitting on his lap in the airport and him feeding me ice cream. #dadgoals 

8. I am an extremely laid back mom, which I did not see coming. Noah hasn't really ever had a specific bedtime, if he skips a nap it isn't a big deal, I let him eat anything he seems interested in. We're both happy, so I think it's working. The only thing I'm uptight about is who I'll leave him alone with...that's a very short list. 

9. I'm a baby boot camp lover. a great workout and a mamatribe-can't beat it! 

10. I have a great love for this magic make up that doesn't come off!