3 Ways To Brighten Your Week

make your drinks fancy. and not just your cocktails (but by all means, go for it!). i'm talking about that essential-to-life drink that can get a little boring. chugging glass after glass of plain water can seem repetitive so do yourself a favor and infuse your water. my favorites are lime juice + mint (faux-jito) and raspberry + basil. treat yo'self for staying hydrated. 

spend time with the ones you love. here's the catch, be all in. no phones, no watching the time. just get lost together. whether it be a together getting lost on a woodsy trail or just enjoying some time together over lunch, make time and cherish it. 

do something for yourself. take some "me" time whether it is 5 minutes or a few hours girl, treat yourself. for me, this is waking up a few minutes before anyone else to catch up on messages, my LipBiz, emails, and my friends IG stories! 

How are you brightening up your life this week?