Lessons from February

it is truly astonishing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. in baby boot camp, we are doing a two month challenge to be our best selves. to kick off the challenge, we did fitness assessments. we had to run a 1/2 mile, do a functional fitness test which included push ups, tri dips, squats, and jumping jacks, plank up-downs, burpees (aka death), and step ups. then at the end of our challenge, we will see where we improved. though I am not anywhere close to where I want to be fitness wise, I was pleasantly surprised with my 1/2 mile time and the amount of reps I did for not having worked out in over 13 months (eek!)

sleeping is for the birds. well, I guess not really but it hasn't been for me lately. this month has been hell on my nightly sleep requirements-and the worst part is that Noah isn't the reason-I wouldn't mind being up with him. I am not sure what is wrong with me lately but I will be trying to watch shows on the couch in the living room and be exhausted so half awake, I will get up, turn off the tv and check the doors, take off my make up and then get into bed and not even 10 minutes later, I am wired again and thinking about 20 million things. I am so frustrated with myself because it is a vicious circle then of zombie/mom brain galore the next day. I have tried melatonin, warm baths, sleepy time tea and essential oils-any other ideas you have send them my way please!

sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. one of the biggest perks of having a solid mama tribe is having other strong, independent mom bosses to bounce ideas off of. a lot of the moms I associate myself with work for themselves. for the longest time I have thought about different ideas I could pursue to help support our family while still staying home with Noah and making my own schedule. after talking to some of the mamas in my groups and lots of coffee play dates, I have decided to go for it. I am so super excited to tell you that I am a LipSense and SeneGence distributor! I plan to do a full post about my business and my thoughts on becoming a distributor but, until then, support me here!

I will always be an over emotional mama. and I am ok with that. Noah got his first hair cut on february 6th. y'all...I cried. it was needed-he was starting to look like a baby hulk hogan #notcutebrother but, with each and every milestone that goes by, my little mama heart aches! isn't he the cutest though?

what are you taking away from february?