Lessons from March

there is always time for fun. if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I let my eight month old basically cover himself in paint (the outrage over this was real people). the afternoon started out with a long walk around our neighborhood. I walked until he woke up from his nap-1 hour and 45ish minutes. when we got back home, we sat in the driveway together playing and babbling and enjoying the gorgeous weather. as we were sitting there, I decided to grab some paint to do some footprint art. since he is way more aware now, the second the paint hit the canvas he was hands in it. I decided to make it a learning/sensory experience and let him totally take over (it was non-toxic paint and I was literally right there to prevent massive handfuls from being ingested). the look of just pure joy on that boys face was E V E R Y T H I N G. in that moment I felt like this was exactly what I was put on this earth to do. I felt like we were making memories that would be forever remembered and bonus-we created super pretty canvases for us and our family members! 

worrying has no benefit. regardless of what you are worrying about, it is wasted energy. let go and let whatever you believe in take over. plus, you will probably end up yourself from sprouting extra gray hairs earlier.

find your tribe and love them hard. yes yes yes yes yes! my mama tribe is my lifeline. the best part about a mama tribe is well, we are all moms so whether it is 2pm or 2am, there will be someone to talk to. life, love, first time mom freak outs-it's all fair game.

walking and adventuring does the body good. I have really been enjoying the outdoors lately however, this will quickly becoming to an end as it is basically starting to be summer here already #yayfloridalife. however, noah, J and I have been adventuring more and more and I am in love with the memories made, wildlife seen and just pure feel good it brings.

What did March teach you?