March Thoughts

the only thing I think I hate more than headaches are allergies. allergies are like my kryptonite and as a mom that is just not an option. our allergy season was exceptionally bad this year and knocked me down 5 times. now, that might not sound like a lot in terms of 31 days but, when I get allergies, N O T H I N G helps except for a good solid full nights sleep. the problem with this is 1. I am a mom and I barely sleep as it is and 2. I have the worst insomnia ever. so when they hit me, they hit me! I was walking around like a congested zombie #glamorous

family time is the most valuable time. it is easy to get caught up in the day to day "to-dos" but laundry and dishes can always wait. making memories with your loved ones and littles is what should take priority to everything. whether it is putting off studying a little longer, moving work appointments around, or skipping a workout class, make moments that count matter.

stepping outside my comfort zone isn't that scary. since becoming a SeneGence distributor, I have hosted parties on Facebook and in person and attended one vendor event (and will be attending two more this week). These are all things that scared the sh*t out of me when first presented with the opportunities but I quickly learned that putting yourself out there isn't nearly as scary in real life as it seems in your head.

What was something that you realized in March?