Milk Snob: Review

Hi lovies! 

Today I am going to share with you what is possibly one of the best baby products ever created! If you have ever watched Shark Tank, you may have seen the brand Milk Snob a little while back. Melanie, the creator of Milk Snob, came up with a multi-use cover for car seats or breastfeeding. 

Melanie was so sweet and sent Noah and I one of the covers to try out and I have to tell you, they are genius. If you have babies, you are probably no exception to this scenario: you are in the store shopping, baby is in his carseat in the cart and some random walks up and goes to touch him... holy protective mama bear. I am not sure why people feel the need to come up and try to touch a new mommas new baby (like what says "that is a good idea" in their head?!) anyways, this happened to me a few times and every time I freaked out. If I don't know you, I don't want you touching my son. Of course there are some half-ass solutions to this, you could wear your baby and although I am a big fan of this, sometimes it is easier to keep him in his seat rather than transfer him in and out of a carrier. You could also throw a light blanket over the carseat but between the new mama nerves flipping it back every 2 seconds to make sure he is ok and it slipping off on its own, it's a hassle. Cue the Milk Snob! 

The Milk Snob is like a little private suite for baby and the carseat. Since it is super stretchy, you simply pull it over the bottom of the carseat and then over the top. The great part is that it is a lightweight material so it won't overheat your babe and there is an opening at the top that when placed properly, will allow you to easily peek at your sweet one. I also like that since it does fully cover the seat (other than the opening at the top) it kind of comes with an obvious sign of "DO NOT TOUCH MY BABY OR I WILL FLIP" haha! 

The Milk Snob covers are also great if you are a breastfeeding mama who wants to cover up a bit. They allow a lot of movement and flexibility so baby won't feel trapped and mama will be able to be comfortable without being overly exposed or too hot. Additionally, you can also use these covers as a shopping cart cover, swing/bouncer cover, and a blanket in a pinch! 

They offer a ton of prints and a great price point for the covers at $36. The quality is great and the material is definitely long lasting. In addition to the covers, Milk Snob also offers a variety of products from baby wraps to swaddle blankets. 

These covers definitely get my mama approval and more importantly, Noah's approval!