10 Spring Date Ideas

-Spring Picnic- tis the season to pull out the blanket, plan some romantic food or takeout, and head to a quintessential spring location to enjoy good food outdoors.

-Sing in the Rain- okay you don’t literally have to sing, but there’s something about April showers that are so fun and so romantic! You can grab a hot chocolate or coffee and watch a storm pass, or if you’re feeling like an adventurous go-getter, grab your rain boots and splash in puddles together. bonus points for long, dramatic kissing in the rain.

-Visit a Farmer’s Market. It’s the perfect time to support local businesses while the weather is so nice. Find a local weekend market and pick out items for a romantic meal at home, or enjoy a meal from a local vendor while there!

-Dinner on the Patio. head to a busy downtown location and ask to be seated outside. enjoy a night of people watching while and take dinner extremely slow.

-Nature Walk. where’s the best place to see spring in your area? find where those wild flowers are blooming, and plan a romantic stroll through that park or nature setting.

-Sidewalk Chalk Art- channel your inner street artist, or lack there of. you can try to recreate famous paintings, draw each other, or just channel your inner urban mural genius.

-Go Stargazing- this free date idea is always a winner! you can check out Google Sky for guides, and it’s a great time to find a meteor shower.

-Watch a Romantic Sunset- I love combining this one with a picnic. head just out of town, find a great location, and enjoy a romantic night of dining and watching the sun go down.

-Visit the Zoo- it’s going to be crawling with kids who are out of school soon, and chances are it’s going to pretty toasty too. go now while the animals are emerging, several babies are being born (thanks for being a trendsetter April the Giraffe), and you can enjoy a little more walking space alone.

-Get Ice Cream- sometimes the simplest dates are the best, and a quick trip to get some of our favorite ice cream without freezing is a party worth having!