5 Ways to Stay Organized

discard. deep down inside all of us, there is a hoarder. you might not be submitting a sob story to the popular TLC show, hoarders but, it is there. we all save those varsity sports shirts from high school, concert tickets from college, or coupons from Old Navy (that we will end up forgetting that we have before they expire). get rid of them! there are awesome companies that will turn old shirts in to quilts, create digital scrapbooks for mementos, and store your coupons (and alert you before they expire) use those! 

delete. lets be honest, we are in a world of technology. if you are like me, you don't leave the house without your smart phone. I am on my phone a lot. like a lot mostly because I do 90% of my work from my phone. though it is tempting to download new games or a highly rated app, if you haven't opened it in 3 months, get rid of it! 

donate. since switching almost all of my beauty products over to SeneGence products, I emptied out my makeup and beauty baskets under my bathroom counter. I now have 5 grocery store sized bags of beauty items to donate to our local women's shelter. I did the same for my closet, I cleared anything that I hadn't worn in the last year and now have 2 yard waste sized bags of clothing to donate as well. 

when in doubt, write it out. for me, this is always and for everything #thanksmombrain. I write down all of my appointments, grocery lists, play dates, etc. in my planner and in my iCal app! 

put it in it's place. create a space for everything-AND put it back! all too often I will grab something, use it then just throw it on the counter to be put away at a later date-NO MORE! pick a weekend to do a deep clean and establish a place for everything in your home. After all, an organized home is a happy home-errr something like that. anyways, just do it! 

How do you stay organized?