55 Things I Want to Teach Noah

I feel like every time I turn on the news it is bad news after more bad news. Between the news, social media, and even everyday personal interactions, it sometimes just seems like the negativity and hate outweighs the hope and love in this world. If I’m being honest, I sometimes get really discouraged with the state of our world.

but then, I look into the eyes of my innocent little man and they fill me with hope for the future and joy once more. I may not be able to change the whole world, but I can (and will) raise my son to know a thing or two about how to treat others and impact this world positively.
okay, so maybe that’s that is definitely corny and dramatic. either way, I’ve been thinking lately about all of the things I want to teach Noah as he grows up–both for his benefit, and for the benefit of those he will come into contact with. I strongly believe being a stay-at-home mom (or a parent in general) is one of the most important jobs one can take on. 
here’s a list of things I plan to teach my little one as he grows.
  1. respect people. not because you want something from them– because they’re people.
  2. learn to listen well, especially when you’re angry.
  3. make friends with people who are different than you.
  4. travel as much and as often as you can–especially internationally. experience new cultures.
  5. never invalidate someone else’s feelings.
  6. don’t be ashamed of your emotions.
  7. relationships are at the core of being human. Invest in them.
  8. learn to form an argument– not for the sake of arguing, but to know why you believe what you believe.
  9. always argue fairly-seek to understand first. everyone has reasons behind their beliefs.
  10. challenge yourself. leave your comfort zone. Do better next time.
  11. perfection is impossible. excellence is not.
  12. some subjects in school won’t be relevant to your life. however, your grades and the ability to work hard at something you may not care about, will be.
  13. family comes first-always.
  14. do not ever objectify women.
  15. when you find love (please don't let this happen for a vey long time), say it. show it. hold on to it.
  16. find a life partner who compensates for your flaws and accepts you in spite of them.
  17. accumulate experiences and savings, not things.
  18. it’s okay to be angry. Just find a healthy outlet for it.
  19. use your voice to speak for those who don’t have one, use your influence to help, never to control.
  20. competition is good, but not at all costs.
  21. whether you’re rich or poor, stay classy.
  22. learn how to talk on the phone. It’s an important skill.
  23. learn the art of conversation. be friendly. ask questions.
  24. have a good, solid handshake.
  25. anonymous good deeds are the most rewarding.
  26. think about how your decisions will affect others.
  27. think your own thoughts. be original. be honest.
  28. when (not if) people hurt you, don’t let it harden your heart.
  29. think about how younger people view you, and try to set a good example.
  30. never settle, but don’t be so picky that you miss a great opportunity.
  31. words are important. actions are even more important.
  32. pay attention to the people around you.
  33. try new foods.
  34. make decisions with the future in mind, but don’t forget to enjoy the present too.
  35. everything in moderation.
  36. remember the people who help you.
  37. give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong.
  38. don’t hold grudges. You’re the one who suffers the most when you do.
  39. ask for help when you need it.
  40. find friends that you don’t have to impress.
  41. don’t do things you’ll want to lie about later.
  42. be a good leader, and a good follower.
  43. admit your mistakes.
  44. repetition is the mother of all learning. 
  45. maturity is the ability to do something you hate, well. 
  46. you don’t have to agree with someone to love them.
  47. spend time in nature. Let it inspire you.
  48. never stop asking questions. never stop wondering.
  49. complaining will never solve your problem.
  50. do things you might fail at. don’t let the fear of failure stop you.
  51. Learn from failure and try again.
  52. learn when to keep your mouth shut, even if you’re right.
  53. saying “I told you so” never helped anyone. ever.
  54. don’t sulk when you lose. don’t gloat when you win.
  55. Have a family, however that looks to you. It’s scary and sometimes messy. but it’s also the greatest blessing anyone can have and the greatest investment anyone can make.

and a final bonus one: your mama loves you. unconditionally, forever and always, no matter what. I am forever grateful that you picked me to be your mama. you are my best accomplishment in life and I will stand by your side, cheer from the bleachers and support you through every aspect of life.

as I’m sure any boymama would say, I want to raise a responsible, responsive, impactful gentlemen in my home. I want him to grow up knowing what matters and what doesn’t. with some of these lessons (and the amazing tribe we have behind us) I know Noah will become a man I’m proud to send into the world.

what about you? 

What are some important lessons you plan to teach (or are teaching) your little one?