April Notables

painting with a twist. I don't know how I hadn't been to PWAT until this month. at the beginning of the month, one of my friends invited me for her birthday. I was so excited. I have always wanted to go but I either didn't like the picture or, I had Noah and aside from a few family days here and there, it is a little-free zone. anyways, we went. drank way too much wine, shared a ton of laughs, and I left with a decent looking picture and...a huge urge to go back! 

fake freckles. you have no idea how much fun I had messing with people. people that have known me for years-like my whole life-like my mom! asked me if I had always had freckles. I used the SeneGence ShadowSense in garnet with a very fine eyeliner brush. as funny as it sounds, I kind of went off of one of the snap chat filters with freckles in terms on placement and just dotted them around the bridge of my nose and tops of my cheeks-talk about funny reactions!  

you guys. I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur of sorts. if you know me, you know that I can point you in the direction of a real ice cream place (not a trendy fro-yo place but I real milk/cream/sugar/bad for you but SO good) place from anywhere in my city or the 5 cities around me. before April, I was a die hard Ben and Jerry's fan (preferably cherry garcia or chocolate fudge brownie) However I was recommended Mayfield's Brown Cow-gotta be honest with you, I was really not optimistic that it would top my beloved B&Js but... I have been converted. holy praise hands for this vanilla, chocolate, fudgey swirly goodness.