April Thoughts

there is never a bad day for the zoo. well, I guess in floirda, that isn't accurate but, for the most part-especially if you go right when they open, there is never a bad day to go. recently I have been lucky enough to enjoy quite a few amazing zoo trips. everytime we see something different like an animal that we haven't seen out and about before or a new zoo-bie like the baby monkey that was just born a few weeks back. the coolest experience I think I have had so far at the zoo is hearing the tiger rawr-have y'all actually heard a real life tiger talk before? it sounds fake-but it is SO awesome! 

time machines need to be a thing. you guys. in 2 months- T W O months, Noah will be 1 year old....what?! how?! I am literally having daily cry fests over this not so little, little monkey growing up so quick. don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier over the little thriving love bug I have on my hands but like can time slow down just a little? he is saying "dada". "mama", "nana", "that", and "bye bye". he eats E V E R Y T H I N G, loves to giggle and loves adventures. 

gratitude lists are everything. I have always been a list maker but recently I have been loving winding down my night with a gratitude list. again, inspired but loving. I will typically write down in detail 3-4 things i am thankful for from the day. not everyday is amazing but everyday ends with something to be happy about. 

What are your thoughts on april?