Eight Things I Learned in College

1. Just because the dining hall will make you a grilled cheese every day for every meal, doesn't mean you have to order it every day for every meal. Similarly, if there is an afternoon nacho bar, you don’t need to hit that up every day between classes
2. If your boyfriend was a cheater in high school, what the hell do you think he’s going to do in college? I guess the question should be WHO do you think he’s going to do? Because the answer is everyone he can.
3. If you know someone who “dated a star football player for a few weeks,” it really means they hooked up twice.
4. Not all cheap beer is made the same. I’m looking at you, Natty.
5. Attending class is actually pretty important. Pretend it’s work. You’ll have to do that someday, too.
6. Establish a bar name. Share it with creepers who you don’t want to give your real name.
7. Get to know people. This is the place you’ll meet some of your best friends- .But not that guy. Don’t waste too much time on that one. You know he’s not the one. Everyone knows he’s not the one.
8. Flip Cup >>>>> Beer Pong
9. Call your parents, tell them you love them. If not daily, then weekly. They will appreciate it. 
10. Cherrish the late nights, early mornings, middle of the night fire alarm pulls, bloody mary (classy AF) filled brunch dates, and endless laughs that will be made.