I'm the Kind Of Girl Who...

I'm the kind of girl who(se) 

wakes up every morning to jack johnson's banana pancakes or bubbly toes.

prefers leggings over anything else.

lives off of adult lunchables.

won't turn down boxed wine.

love language is coffee flavored ice cream and whipped cream after midnight.

will never pass up a target run.

loves a raunchy comedy.

believes in birthday weeks not days.

refuses to understand the evil in the world.

will go out of the way for coffee.

would attend a sporting event without complaints.

loves to be barefoot.

enjoys grocery shopping on a busy saturday morning.

prefers stripped down acoustic versions of songs.

would rather snuggle up under blankets on a friday night than go out to a bar.

family will forever come first. 

will never say no to tacos, pizza, or sushi.

faked an allergy to cooked carrots when she was little.