Lessons from April

I will never please everyone. and that is okay. there has been quite the series of events that have occurred via instagram the last couple of months. there is a girl local to me who sells a popular brand of essential oils. she messaged me a few months back asking me if I wanted some samples and to try some things out-I said sure. we tried over and over to set up a time to meet and for our littles to play but between sicknesses/travels/etc. it never worked out. I never followed up and neither did she. wellllll a few months go by and I start getting all of these invites to different EO workshops. I had tried to go to a few but again, scheduling conflicts. then I start posting pictures of Noah eating/playing with paint (non-toxic. child safe paint). and just doing various things and she starts messaging me literally attacking me for the things I was allowing him to do.

"I hope you are aware that what his body absorbs now will be with him and his next 7 generations of children, for life" "you are killing his organs by using clorox"

so you may say...ok so block her. I did. and she kept coming back. I have to say, I was VERY VERY upset like hysterical and questioning my every move as a mother a few times after certain messages. however, after talking it out (and realizing that her opinion on my son was irrelevant) I got over it. She still messages me, she has actually used a picture of my son in an "anti toxins" campaign on FB which I flagged about 250 times, and she still carries on about how shes greater than anyone who uses chemicals but oh well, such is life.

never leave oatmeal or breads out around my pup. my sweet furry friend has now, FIVE TIMES, decided to jump up onto the counter tops when I am not home and help himself to either dessert shells, cranberry orange bread, a whole loaf of regular bread, or a whole can of oatmeal. it is bad enough that he decides to snack while I am gone but, he kicks it up a notch and enjoys his meal on Noah's play mat which is a bear to clean up. #dogmomlife

one of my favorite days was spent on a picnic in a park on the river. it is so funny because about 6 1/2 months ago, you would not have caught me dead outside unless I was up north or it was below 50 degrees here-I don't do heat. however, something brought me to start enjoying being outdoors more and exploring different parks around our city. I have to say, I am kind of in love with it-and also kind of sad because it is starting to get too hot to be enjoyable and too hot for Noah.

What are you taking away from April?