Sweet Potato Nachos

this year I have taken a step towards a healthier me. I am a taco and nacho queen but unfortunately, those don't really fall in line with my health goals. a few months back I was starving but had limited options in the house so I got resourceful. I originally was going to make sweet potato toast in the oven but once I pulled the planks out of the oven, I got crafty.

2-3 sweet potatoes
olive oil [I used one infused with garlic]
coconut aminos
toppings of your choice-I used avocado, tomato and cheddar cheese

what you will do
-preheat the oven to 475
-slice the sweet potatoes into medium planks
-spray a cooking sheet and arrange planks
-drizzle with olive oil and coconut aminos
-pop in the oven for 8 minutes or until they are tender and begin to brown
-allow to cool before handling
-top with your toppings and enjoy!