Get to Know Me in 30 Questions

Want to know a little about me? 
Here you go!  

▪️Favorite Smell - axe body wash or fabric softener 
▪️First Job- file girl at my dads office
▪️Dream job - I am doing it every single day! 
▪️Astrological Sign -leo
▪️Favorite Food - tacos or thai
▪️Birthdate -august 14
▪️Favorite dog - shiba inu 
▪️Favorite cat - ew 
▪️Favorite foot attire - barefoot 
▪️Roller Coaster - no thanks
▪️Favorite candy- lindt milk chocolate truffles
▪️Favorite ice cream- mayfield brown cow
▪️What are you listening to right now - better place- Rachel Platten  
▪️Color of your vehicle - black
▪️Color of eyes - brown
▪️Favorite Holiday- Thanksgiving
▪️Night owl, morning or evening person - night owl/morning  
▪️Favorite day of week -mondays, thursdays and fridays
▪️Tattoos- no thanks; I’m scared of needles
▪️Like to cook? - I love to cook and bake
▪️Beer or wine or neither - champagne or margaritas
▪️Can you drive a manual transmission? - no 
▪️Favorite color - purple
▪️Do you like vegetables? love them
▪️Do you wear glasses? yes
▪️Favorite season - fall

▪️ Biggest Fear? needles and clowns
▪️Favorite State? - Tennessee
▪️Favorite Store - target
▪️What is your coffee order - Starbucks: grande iced coffee with white mocha syrup and cream. Dunks: medium iced caramel coffee with cream.