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have you been looking for a side hustle opportunity, or even thinking about starting up your own business to make money from home?  are you obsessed with LipSense and want 20-50% discount for $55 (the cost of a Starter Collection!)? are you a blogger open to an additional source of income that could integrate easily into what you’re already doing? do you have a job you love, but want something stress free and light? maybe you came across this post looking for more information about how to become a LipSense Distributor (+ get a free color)? does getting paid to talk about what you love, earning amazing bonuses, the best commissions in this business, and incredible incentives sound good to you?
well, if any of the above sound familiar to you I want to tell you about an opportunity you DO NOT want to miss…and how you can become a LipSense Distributor for the discount or to sell!
if you have additional questions about becoming a LipSense Distributor after you read this post, enter your email below and I’ll send you a packet with detailed info on SeneGence’s  commission structure (AKA how you’ll make your money) as well as FAQ's about becoming a LipSense Distributor.  you can also comment on this post or email me anytime (! I would  be happy to chat with you by phone or email.
a little about me:

i am a wife and a mama. I used to work at a preschool-actually 8 years of my life was spent in various preschools. when I had Noah, I originally did go back to work however, it didn't work for us. I was unhappy and I wasn't able to see Noah as much as I wanted and needed to-I missed his first roll over! I knew there had to be another option to be able to watch him grow without putting us in the poor house. 

my first introduction to LipSense/Senegence was in February when I had the opportunity to receive a free make over to help a mama earn her MUA license. as soon as the products were applied, I was instantly hooked and couldn’t get over A) how well the product worked (I can kiss my baby/hubby all I want and never leave a mark!), and B) how CONVENIENT it was for a busy mom to put on a lip color once in the morning and have it last all day long. I’ve used LipSense religiously ever since and want ALLLL the colors! I seriously had natural opportunities to “sell” LipSense to my co-workers and friends every day – the stuff sells itself!
I thought a lot about becoming a distributor at first just for the discount (20-50% off) but wanted to research the company/business opportunity further and talk to other women who were already distributors before making the leap and starting up another business.  I wanted to make sure SeneGence was a company and process I believed in as much as I loved LipSense. And guess what? I do believe in this company heart and soul!

why I became a distributor

my ambitions and the desire to make money from home to contribute financially to our family are important to me. It’s important to me to have something that is my own “thing”, that can also afford me to buy things for myself and my family like cute clothes, birthday and Christmas presents, vacations, and not to mention pay bills! It does require effort and work to really make something of this business, but it’s simple, light and FUN work!! I can hold my baby AND my ambition!
I became a SeneGence Distributor to share incredible products I truly believe in + have an additional stream of income for my family, but also to share my love for entrepreneurship and being a mom boss and boss babe! with the right support, balance and hard work, you CAN have it all. Over the last year, this blog has been an amazing way to build connections with and provide resources to other moms, but also turned into a profitable business. In my first month as a distributor I made $1,200, and in just 3.5 months grew a tribe of over 30 women from all over the country who are now working toward their own dreams. I absolutely have systems in place to help you achieve whatever YOUR goals are as well, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

why you should become a distributor?

If you’re still asking yourself the question, “Why should I become a LipSense Distributor,” here are 5 reasons you should go for it (if you’re already all in and don’t want to waste another minute, scroll down for how to sign up!)!
  1. your personal goals matter – If this is something that has peaked your interest, it’s SO worth taking the plunge and doing something for yourself and your family that you’ll be really great at! If you believe in yourself and you’re willing to learn + work, this is a GREAT business to jump into.
  2. income potential with low investment cost –becoming a distributor will only cost you $55. yep, that’s it. right now is honestly the ideal time to get in with this company. they are still relatively new (but very successful and growing like crazy), and there aren’t (yet) a ton of distributors. there are girls in my upline who literally make tens of thousands of dollars A MONTH with SeneGence. as with any endeavor, you get out what you put in, so you’ll need to be willing to work but I’d say signing up is well worth the $55 investment.
  3. perks of the discount – even if you just sign up for the discount alone, I think it’s worth it since you get 20-50% off all your orders. A lot of my team members sign up just for the discount, and end up realizing the potential and fun of selling this stuff as well! plus, as a SeneGence Distributor, all your makeup is a tax write off! Um, yes, please!
  4. easy sell – SeneGence products are great, but LipSense honestly sells itself. I would NEVER, EVER sign up to sell something I had to bug people to buy. you don’t have to worry about being that annoying, salesy person obviously begging for your business “following up” all the time (we all know at least one, right?). at this point, women are out there searching for someone to buy this stuff from – why not have that someone be you?!
  5. incentives from SeneGence – SeneGence offers free trips, product, and even cars as incentives! did you know you can even will your business to an heir?!?! this company is amazing. plus, you get the opportunity to connect with some really wonderful women. 

how to become A lipSense distributor + make money from home:

if you’re ready to invest in yourself and get started as a LipSense distributor, follow the steps below.

1. go to the SeneGence website. 
2. go to careers
3. fill out the Distributor Sign Up form
4. in the sponsor slot, enter 550771
5. select individual account
6. select "yes" to is the distributor Sarah Runge-Ricker
7. complete the form
8. click that you want the new distributor package ($55).
Voil√°! You’re an official LipSense Distributor!

Step 2:

I’ll get an email from SeneGence that you joined my team and I will help you get started! you will then have access to my private Facebook group and other materials to help you get off to a running start!


When you sign up under me and place your first qualifying order (300PV), you will receive a free color of your choice!

Ready to do this?

Join here & enter ID #550771 – I’ll teach you everything I know : )
I can’t wait to get to know you and help you achieve your goals!
If you still have questions, you can email me ( or comment on this post and I’ll get back to you asap!