The Real Reel of Motherhood

so call me weird but I am obsessed with two of the wives from the country music world, Hayley-Tyler from FGL's wife and Lauren-Thomas Rhett's wife. If you follow them or Brittany, Jason Aldean's wife on IG then you may have seen them create the #realreel.

The #reelreal is basically the reality of motherhood. their feeds may show a perfectly put together mom with her hair and make up done and an immaculate house but their IG stories show the process of the 4 hours it took to get ready, getting dressed and then immediately getting covered in spit up-basically, it is to slash the idea of the highlight reel and give a look in to the reality of their lives.

9 times out of 10 if you show up at my house unannounced, you will see papers and bills thrown on the counters, laundry piled up in the mess sink, dishes in the kitchen sink and toys thrown throughout the house. 10 times out of 10, if you show up at my house announced or unannounced, you will here the sweetest little giggle coming from my sweet little mini.

before actually having a child earth side, it is very easy to be under the impression that your house will still be perfectly spotless, toys always in their places, and all the laundry washed, folded, and put away. since my journey into motherhood began, I have had plenty of days where I could've ensured that all the house chores were done but, that would mean taking time out of experiencing life with Noah and that isn't okay with me.

from my many years of being in a preschool setting, the phrase "process over product" has been engrained into my brain. in the education world, that basically means that the child should be in control (within reason) of their play/art projects/lego building/creativity in general regardless of the outcome. though we all love the perfectly placed petals on our handprint flowers, that isn't the child. that is the teacher.

process over product is something that I have worked to instill in our home. don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for our house to always be pinterest worthy and instagram ready but, not at the expense of noah's creativity. monotoned nurseries are really in right now but, I want him to experience brightness and color. we all want our littles to stay clean and pristine but, I want him to experience different textures and to explore his sensory abilities.

when you walk into my house, you may find us playing in the grass outside, picking up leaves and inspecting them (and me playing bouncer to keep them out of his mouth-I am not trying to have him experience that much sensory activity.) you may find us in the driveway covered in paint and playing with bubbles to create fun art projects. you may find us in the kitchen, him with a tray full of different colored food options and me making up the most insane songs about veggies and fruits. or you may find us in his brightly colored play area with every toy from every bucket dumped on the floor for him to see and touch.

as Noah's mommy, it is my job to make sure that he lives a happy and vibrant life. I want him to learn, experience new things, and simply enjoy life. he only has one chance to be little and carefree and I am going to soak that time up every chance I get.