Thoughts on May

I am totally *that* mom. I am THAT mom that is so insanely obsessed over her child, I am THAT mom that throws overly extra playdates for her 11 month old and his friends and I am THAT mom that non stop takes pictures of her kid and I am THAT mom that is totally okay with it! Noah is one of the two things in life I am the most proud of and I love capturing his innocent little smiles and milestones and bragging about them!

Florida heat is no joke. last week my car A/C went out. We drove 20 minutes to J's work and poor Noah was red and sweaty. Thankfully we were able to switch cars for the day and J braved the heat for us but good lord! having a well working a/c is non-negotiable in these parts!

Network television is fired from my life. this past month I learned that 2 of my most favorite shows, The Brave and Designated Survivor are no more. I hate that every time I get into a good show, they cancel the second season!