Lessons from May

no matter how well I think I know Tampa, I always find another new area. now, I am no stranger to Tampa-I live about 45 minutes south and I am there at least 4 times a month however, one night this past month, I ventured to the SOHO/Hyde Park area for dinner and found one of the prettiest streets I have ever been on-Bayshore Blvd. I was met with the most gorgeous waterfront views and amazing houses!

there is no stopping time. why is it that when you are waiting for something exciting like seeing a special person, going on a trip or hitting a milestone in life time d r a g s by but then once it is here, it flies? seriously I don't get it. I make an effort everyday to live intentionally. to do at least one thing that either makes Noah and I happy or will better our lives. in these little moments, time stops. watching Noah grow so quickly is saddening yet so exciting to see him develop a little personality.

being my own boss/an entrepreneur is amazing. between SeneGence and photography on top of being a mom to a little prince, my plate is pretty full. However this month I agreed to help plan a baby shower, I am planning Noah's first fiesta and I have been asked to help plan 2 other first birthday parties that will take place in the summer-who knows, maybe event planning will be my next venture!