LipSense:Mama Must Have

a lipstick that is kiss-proof, smudge proof, waterproof and lasts up to 18 hours?
seems too good to be true, right? no way those claims are actually legit…
that’s exactly what I thought every time I saw LipSense pop up in my social media feeds over the last year or so. however, the idea of being able to put on lip color in the morning, kiss Noah and my hubby goodbye/drink way too many cups of coffee without leaving a mark,  and not have to think about reapplying throughout my entire work day sounded really appealing. my first experience with LipSense was through a facebook ad in a mom group. there was a mom who was looking to do free make overs using her products to obtain her MUA license. I couldn't pass up a free make over so I jumped in. 
(Update: I actually became a LipSense Distributor in February because I fell in love with this stuff!! You guys, it’s that good of a product AND business opportunity!).
she was the sweetest and had a three year old daughter that Noah loved. we chatted the whole time and are friends now (yay!) I instantly fell in love with the formulas and coverage of the products. she allowed me to apply the LipSense myself and I could not get over how cool it was. It takes a little longer to apply than a regular lipstick, but no more than a minute for the whole process.  I definitely think I demoed how I could drink out of my coffee cup and not leave a single trace of lip color behind to way too many moms at the moms night out event I went to that night. I mean check out how perfect the color still is after applying at 7 am, drinking 3 cups of coffee, killing a bootcamp workout and eating tacos for lunch (life is about balance people)
I’m not even kidding when I say I don’t think I’ll  ever go back to traditional lip color.
this stuff is a total Mama Must Have, and I wouldn’t be posting about it today if I didn’t think it would be worth it for you to try out. 
I loved and believed in this product so much that, as of February 2018, I became a LipSense Distributor myself (read all about that decision and how you can to HERE)! You can check out my in-stock colors, join my Facebook Group (where I host tons of Giveaways and sales!). 
if you have ever thought about becoming a LipSense Distributor for the discount (20-50%!!) or to make money from home, please enter your email below and I’ll send you some more information and answer any questions you may have!