On Co-Sleeping+Anti Co-Sleeping Campaigns

so this is going to start off as a bit more of a serious post but I have to say, I am pretty disgusted. with everything, there are pros and cons and when it comes to campaigning for or against something, there are always those people that take it too far. before having Noah, I researched e v e r y t h i n g like to an obnoxious level. one of the hotter topics is safe sleep. I can tell you that prior to Noah being here in person, I was very very for him sleeping in his crib no questions about it. however, when you are a mom of a newborn who will not go to sleep until he/she is being held and it is going on night 10 of this and it is 3am, things change.

when I was researching prior to having him, I came across this anti-cosleeping campaign.

there's a LOT here to make your subconscious think, bad parenting! the baby is in danger! and it's not co-sleeping. well, it is, but the subliminal messages here are what made me angry, too. the suggestion is not only that co-sleeping is dangerous, but that parents who co-sleep must be ignorant of all safety precautions of any kind. when you put a baby in a crib, you have a long list of rules: no bumper, no pillows, no blankets, no toys, tight-fitting sheets only, no gaps between the mattress and edge of crib, yada yada yada. thing is, co-sleeping has a lot of rules too ... and yet we ban problematic CRIBS, and teach safety, not ban cribs altogether. although in studies, when you actually remove dangerous "co-sleeping" situations like a drunk guy on a couch, and compare to safe cribs, co-sleeping comes out with lower death rates.

Co-Sleeping for Us

so every night, I read Noah three stories, sing him three songs, then rock him to sleep with a bottle. once he is in a deep sleep, I transfer him to his crib. some nights, he will sleep through the night on his own in his crib. other nights, he will wake up after a few hours. I will rock him back to sleep and try again in his crib. if he wakes up for a second time, I will rock him back to sleep then put him in bed with me. I line the side of the bed I am not on with pillows and then sleep on the other side of him. he will stay asleep until morning.

I have had several friends and even some family members tell me I need to get him out of my bed. why? it isn't affecting you.  is always my first thought. I have tried the cry-it-out method several times and it does not work for me and it does not work for him. I have been told that letting him cry it out is the only way to get him out of my bed and into his own, but first off, my mama heart can not take it and I don’t mind him sleeping with me. according to research by several reputable sources, over half the worlds population sleeps with their child… it is actually just the U.S that goes to the lengths it does to claim it to be unsafe. 

on another note, one day he will want nothing to do with me, so I want to take every second I can to snuggle him while he will let me. it isn't like he is 23 years old and not sleeping on his own-then we would have a problem. 
I don't know if in a few more months I will push more towards him being in his own crib or if I will let him decide when he is ready [within reason] that he is ready but for now, this is what is working for us. it makes us both happy and makes me way more pleasant in the mornings and I don’t see anything wrong with that.
to anyone who wants to co-sleep or wants to learn more about the pros/cons, do your research. I have learned that there will always be a nay-sayer and someone will always make things that don't directly affect them, a problem for them. ignore them and do what is best for you and your mini. at the end of the day, you are their mama. there is no one better to be their mama than you.