When Mama Life Knocks You Down

how many times have you been with your mamatribe and started a story with "I was/am the worst mom ever"? though he is only 11 months old, I know that I am guilty of it and I am sure you are too. anytime we vent about a bad day, we as humans feel the need to put it on ourselves and as mamas that is even more prevalent. some days we feel like we are drowning and we need to share that but it seems almost impossible to do without putting it all on ourselves.

that. stops. here.

though he is only 11 months old, although he might not understand and he isn't talking yet, Noah hears everything I say. he can pick up on the tone of my voice and also on my body language. language is important both verbal and non verbal and we all know that these littles of ours are sponges. it is important as moms to be good role models with a positive outlook on ourselves.

not everyday is going to be perfect in fact, perfect days will probably very rare. on the days where we might be feeing like total failures,we need support and encouragement. we can call it what we want but we have to stop taking all of the blame.

the next time you feel like the worst mama, think of these five things:

focus on your connection. if your little one is extra fussy or your toddler is totally acting out, step back and make sure you are all in. instead of thinking "why is he doing this to me?" try to realize that he is struggling too. instead of pulling back, connect with him. get onto his level, hug him, hold him tight. the more connected children are to us the more secure they will feel and cooperative they will be.

take some deep breaths. i get it, it isn't easy when you are trying to eat dinner and your little one won't settle down or dumps the whole salt shaker all over the table but, it happens. we have all or will all be there. instead of yelling or getting upset, ignore the crotchety old lady glaring in the corner and take some deep breaths then handle the situation at hand.

reassess your behavior. are you over tired? stressed? frustrated at something else? children feed off our energy. if they feel tension, they too will become tense.

call your mama tribe. you are not alone, ever. wether it is a facebook moms group, moms you meet with regularly or moms in the blogger world, lean on them! we can all sympathize with you!

give yourself some grace. not everyday will go according to plan. though routines are important, some days naps will be missed, dinner will end up being take out, you will be late to your friends party. it is ok and it is not the end of the world-besides, chick fil a for dinner? i'd call that a win.

"there may be times you feel that you have failed. but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are a super mom."

your little one will not remember if dinner ended up being burnt in the oven and they skipped bath time one night. they will remember the memories they made with you, endless snuggles and laughs, and stories before bed.

bad days happen. don't let them define you.

what do you do when you are having an off day?


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