Thoughts on June

If I am being honest, June was a tough month on me emotionally. I felt like I was letting everyone around me down, that I couldn't catch my breath and well, my baby boy was growing up. June also taught me a lot about patience. Being patient with myself, those around me, and situations I can't control.

June brought me a lot of joy as well. It is so bittersweet watching Noah grow. I am so extremely grateful that he is thriving and growing and developing as he should but I do miss those all day itty bitty Noah snuggles. I think the most exciting part of watching him grow, is seeing things through his eyes. Seeing him get excited about something or his curiosity peak over something.

June brought me new experiences. In June, I got the extreme honor to help plan and organize one of our best friends daughters first birthday parties, I was blessed with new business ventures for my photography business, we travelled to Chicago and saw my baby sister graduate with her masters and we checked out some new places close to home that I think will be added to our family fun day rotations.

June although it was tough at times, was breathtaking at others.


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