What June Taught Me

June taught me two very important lessons.

1. nothing is permanent.
2. time will never stop.

nothing is permanent. n o t h i n g. well-maybe the tattoo on your rib cage you decided to get in college after a frat party but- in the grand scheme of life, nothing is permanent. I came across a quote today, "living is the rarest thing in the world. most people just exist." how true is that? can you truly say that you live your life? you have no regrets? you are intentional about what you do everyday? before a few months ago, I could not have said yes. But in the last 8-9ish months, I have learned that life was made to be lived. not to exist. there are somethings that you just can't avoid, like taxes, but you can avoid being in situations you don't want to be, putting up with things you don't want to put up with or going through things you don't want to go through.

if you aren't happy, change it!

if you are a mom, a wife, a girlfriend, a sister, an aunt, brother, uncle, dad, boyfriend, hubby, whatever, you can not exceed at your life or your responsibilities until YOU are happy. it might not happen overnight. but you can start taking the baby steps right now to reach your forever and your happiness. you. are. worth. it!

time will never stop. well unless you are sitting in an airport, waiting 4 1/2 hours for your bags or at least your child's carseat-then time takes F O R E V E R...but that's a different story. anyways, just like that, my sweet boy is one year old. I am in disbelief. but I am relieved. this past year has been the most rewarding, exhilarating, heart full, exhausting and stressful year old my life but I would never change one second of it for anything. becoming a mom to my sweet blonde haired, blue-eyed, looks nothing like me babe has been the one thing in my life that I am SO proud of and feel so rewarded by. watching him smile at me for the first time, wave, crawl, hearing him say mama, and him reaching for me when he is sad, fills my heart.

ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be a mommy. this little boy made that possible for me.

I don't always have it together literally never have it together, but I love every second of this crazy chaotic life with my little love.


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