Things I am Grateful For Lately

Gratitude is something that many overlook. I was one of those people a few months ago but for the past few months, I have been trying to be intentional in every aspect of life. Every night before bed I write out a list of what I am thankful for that day. They range all across the spectrum but nevertheless, I express my gratefulness.

Today I am sharing with you some things that I have been grateful for just in general in life.

1. a sunpass. #youknowyoureanadultwhen... total first world probs but, a few months ago my sunpass stopped working which meant I was no longer able to go through tolls quickly. I had to stop and pay with change and I wasn't able to use express lanes-major inconvenience.  even though it inconvenienced me, I  procrastinated getting one until just a few days ago. Now that I have one again it is such a breeze and life is glorious.

2. super flexible managers. so to let the cat out of the bag, I have (once again) returned to work since having Noah however this time, I am working overnights and mostly on my own accord. My managers are super family oriented and have been amazing at allowing me flexibility with my schedule to make sure Noah always comes first.

3. keto coffee. though I am not on the full blown keto bandwagon, I am obsessed with keto coffee. it tastes super yummy and stops my crazy cravings-which is especially helpful at night when the boredom munchies kick in.

4. photo safaris. photography has always been an interest of mine. specifically, portrait photography but every once in a while I would shoot a vacation/event. recently though, I have been having SO much fun shooting everything from city walks to adventures with Noah. It is so exciting to have someone to challenge me creatively and share a hobby with.

5. trying new places. I am a habitual chickfila eater and would happily eat there day after day after day however, I am making a goal to eat at more local/different places each time I go out.

6. my parents being so close. this is a huge one I take for granted because it has just been the norm for me however, with Noah here now, I am so so so so so so thankful that they are just 15 minutes down the road and can pop by to say hi, meet us for dinner, and just be with Noah whenever.

7. donuts. y'all, I haven't ever not liked donuts but I am like obsessed with them as of late. We have a lot of places around us that do the crazy fancy kind as well as some low key plain 'ole glazed and I can't stop!

what have y'all been grateful for lately?