You're Doin' Great, Mama

Mamas, this one is for you. 

Why do we as mamas feel the need to judge other mamas? 

To many times we have to wonder:
"how will people perceive this?", "should I post this?", "is this appropriate?" 

News flash we are all fucking human (yeah, judge me for that)

I hear things all the time like:
 “those shorts aren’t mom appropriate”, “you say things like that in front of your child?” oh, and my favorite “would you want your son to grow up and be like you”.

actually, hell yeah I want him to grow up like me. 

The fact of the matter is we all believe different things which is AMAZING because we can share beliefs but there is no need to pass judgment onto one another.

I wear the shorts I wear because being a mom doesn’t define me. I like them, I’m 27 so I wear them cause I feel comfortable enough to. I swear, sure but I love just as much & teach my little man that those are adult words that you can choose to say when you’re an adult.
& damn right I would love for him to turn out JUST LIKE his swearing, life loving, happy go lucky momma!.

So from one momma to another I support you. You’re doing an amazing job & your little is gonna turn out AMAZING!


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