Mama Friend Woes

mom life is so weird y'all. if you are a mama, you may totally relate to this post. if you aren't well, feel free to skip over it.

I feel like since becoming a mama 16 months ago, I have almost entered back into high school. the mom friend dating game is a rough one. these mom groups are crazy...I mean c.r.a.z.y. you have moms from all different walks of life which is awesome. but one thing I have found that almost all of them have in common is that they are judge-y AF. over EVERYTHING.

I go to/ host a lot of play dates and activities for Noah and one thing that just really aggravates me is the constant gossip. so and so does this with her kid, did you hear that she let her kid do that, etc. like who cares?

when you see the way I parent my child, just remember that it costs $0 to worry about yourself
one more time for the mamas in the back!

y'all, we should be spending our time focused on our children and how they are learning and thriving, building each other up as women and mamas, enjoying life and being kind.

as a mom, you have mom-tuition, gut feelings, knowledge of your child. unless you are straight up beating the heck out of your little or neglecting them, what you do doesn't matter to me-nor should what I do with Noah matter to you. we were each chosen to be the mother of our own babies. we know what they need, want, how they learn and will thrive. no one else can decide that for your little. that is your job.

it is not your job to criticize, cut down, or mom shame other mamas for the choices that they make for their little. There is a fine line between educating a mama and mom shaming a mama. mama life is hard.  we need to support each other and be a community of encouragement or a welcoming friend (with lots and coffee and wine)

so mamas, the next time y'all meet up for a play date or coffee date, talk about yourselves, your struggles, your littles, how they are advancing, ask for help if you need it but do not give unsolicited jabs to your fellow mamas.

we are all one mama tribe.


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