November To-Do's

Is it as crazy to you as it is to me that November only has 16 days left? This year has seriously flown by. October-December are my favorite months and my favorite time of year. Bring on alllll the pumpkins, cozy blankets, yummy drinks and hallmark movies.

I have put together a little "so-long fall" to-do list before we truly, truly kick off the winter season.

1. host a friends-giving!
2. if you are up where the leaves change, peep the colors
3. snuggle up with your lovey for a date night in
4. carve a pumpkin
5. finish out the last few days of the pumpkin patches and festivals
6. have a pumpkin spice taste test. Find alllll things pumpkin spice and try them out
7. explore a new park
8. write a gratitude list
9. make a black friday sale game plan
10. take holiday pictures and get your Christmas cards ready
11. take it back to preschool and make handprint turkeys
12. try a new comfort food recipe
13. perform a random act of kindness. buy someones coffee, leave someone a sweet note.
14. fall-clean up. rid yourself of things you don't need
15. do one thing that scares you
16. family movie night with Pochantas-it's the politically correct way to celebrate

16 things for the 16 days that are left!