A Much Needed January Coffee Date

if we were to go on a coffee date, I would say screw the coffee, lets meet for wine. #noshame

partly because coffee just isn't going to cut it in this moment and partly because well, I am currently sitting in a wine bar...again, no shame.

speaking of wine bars, I am in love with this one. it is called Grand Cru and you start a tab and then get a wristband. there are about 15 wines on tap-oh yeah, on tap, and you can control the pour as each one is priced per ounce.  they also do small bites and charcuterie plates so, I call it a major win.

if we were meeting for wine, I would tell you I am struggling. seriously some days I feel like I am drowning and just can't get to the surface. I never thought 3 years ago...or really ever in my life that I would be where I am right now. 27, a mama, and about to go through a nasty divorce.

you may be surprised at this point. the truth is though that for 6 years I have been silently struggling. I have felt trapped, alone, and unworthy. I would tell you that it is honestly for the best and and once the dust has settled, things will be much better.

I'd tell you that in 2017 I learned that I matter, my feelings and my happiness matter. for a while now I have struggled with feeling less than, not a priority and honestly, I am fucking over it. whether in my marriage or in friendships, I am over it. as far as my marriage, I just know that I deserve better, I can do better and I deserve better. and for friendships well, I understand that here and there things come up and plans have to be canceled but when it is every single time, I just don't need that. I need friends and relationships that are there for me always because I always put 100% into mine.

As we were sipping on our last few sips of wine, I would tell you that I know I will be okay with time. I know I have a lot of years ahead of me and although the unknowns scare me currently, I am excited for what the future has in store for me.

we'd hug, cash out and look forward to our next time-definitely for coffee.


  1. Sending you hugs, good vibes, and lots of virtual wine! Everything will be okay, in time-and if you ever need an ear to vent to send me a shout!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  2. Wine is always a much better way to sit and talk about the crap parts of life. You definitely will get through and come out better for it!

  3. Wine and coffee are equals so no shame there lol. So sorry about the crappy developments sarah. Sending you so much love, hugs and prayers. You are a strong cookie and will get though this :)


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