New Days, New Chances

2018, you were a year. 

You were the best and the worst. 

You taught me a lot about myself. At times, you helped me find myself. 

You taught me a lot about being a mom and also showed me that I don’t know anything about being a mom. 

You taught me to be more patient with myself and to focus more on time management. 

You taught me about self care and making myself happy. 

You taught me how to love again. How to truly love life and how to create a life I love living. 

You made me focus on gratitude. 

You helped me find new friends, best friends, a mama tribe I could count on. 

You challenged me. Hard. 

You broke me. 

But you also built me up. 

2018, it’s been real. 

But all I have to say is, 

Thank U, Next. 

2019, I am ready.