About Me

I'm Sarah, the founder and writer behind Sarah Emily Blogs, a lifestyle blog featuring beauty, recipes, and travels. I am a native of Tennessee but currently residing oceanside in sunny Sarasota, Florida. I am a newly wed to my best friend, John, a fur momma to our Boston Terrier Yoda,  and we are becoming parents to our very first baby in June 2017. 

Although since founding SEBlogs in 2013 it has blossomed from a hobby to a passion of mine, I do have a full time job as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and Preschool Director. Early Childhood Education is another subject that is near and dear to my heart and a career path that I have seen myself in since I was very young. I pursued my Education degree at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

SEBlogs is my little piece of the internet that I like to escape to. I love having a platform to share the many things I adore and am passionate about as well as hopefully spread wisdom and awareness of various topics to my readers. 

I would love it if you would grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and stay a while. 


  1. Your fur-children are gorgeous, Sarah!

  2. Sounds just like me! I started hospitality at UCF in Orlando and soon realized after working at Disney that the long hours were not going to be for me when I would soon have a family. I moved back to Tampa and pursued early childhood education. :) Where are you going to school?

  3. This was such a cool way to get to know you! :) (Almost like speed dating, only fun - you know?!) Your little fur babes are adorable.

  4. I found you via a giveaway and was super stoked to see you in a Pats jersey and then to read you're a TN native!?!? I'm from Knoxville and now live in Boston! Sadly now I know you live in FL, but that's ok, I'm still glad I clicked over ;)

  5. Sarah, this is adorable.. I love your story! It's very inspirational and I'm glad you're sharing it all on your blog!

  6. Visting from FB! :) Thanks for your advice on taking hapinesswherever.com full time :) Love your story about following your heart :)


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